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What is a “Proprietary Reverse Mortgage”?

Bruce Simmons - May 29, 2018
What is a “Proprietary Reverse Mortgage”?

Over the last two weeks, three reverse mortgage lenders made announcements that they will be coming out with their own “proprietary reverse mortgage products. ..

Retirees Confidence on Social Security, Medicare Retreats in 2018

Bruce Simmons - May 08, 2018
Retirees Confidence on Social Security, Medicare Retreats in 2018

“Retirees’ overall confidence shows signs of decline, but their confidence in being able to afford medical and long-term care expenses in retirement is down significantly,” states the Retirement Confidence Survey annual report. “Relatedly, their confidence that Social Security and Medicare will continue to provide benefits equal to what retirees receive today has decreased, states the report.” ..

Why Some Financial Advisors Don’t Recommend Reverse Mortgages

Bruce Simmons - May 07, 2018
Why Some Financial Advisors Don’t Recommend Reverse Mortgages

You have a financial advisor and you’re in your mid-sixties and approaching retirement.  Why hasn’t your financial advisor talked to you about a reverse mortgage?  ..


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