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Brief Answers to the Most Common Reverse Mortgage Questions

Below are the reverse mortgage frequently asked questions that I have answered over the years. In order to keep this page from going on forever, I've kept the answers as brief as possible. I've attached links to other Reverse Mortgage Colorado pages for the most common reverse mortgage frequently asked questions.

However, if you don't think that I've answered your specific reverse mortgage question adequately enough, please contact me at (303) 467-7821 or toll free at 877-467-7801. I will answer you call personally (I cannot afford a secretary), and if I receive other questions about the same topic, I will make sure to update the site.

1. Can I outlive the reverse mortgage?
5. How does a reverse mortgage work?
14. What is a HECM reverse mortgage?
15. What Is A Reverse Mortgage?
17. Who is eligible for a reverse mortgage?

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