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For the right borrower, a reverse mortgage can be an excellent choice. But, how do you know if it is right for you?

Reverse Mortgage Newsletters
"The Reverse Mortgage Minute"

A reverse mortgage can be a great asset…or liability. Not exactly the words you’d expect to hear from a long-established reverse mortgage loan specialist. But, those are the words that American Liberty Mortgage’s Bruce Simmons has spoken time and time again since 2003. He has dedicated his career to offering the right reverse mortgage products that will enrich and enliven the lives of 62+ borrowers for whom they’re a good fit. His approach has proven to be good business for his clients, in turn leading to consistent and dramatic growth of his business. 

This page contains my reverse mortgage newsletters that I call "The Reverse Mortgage Minute".

I started sending this out through the post office to prospects back in 2007 to help educate them about how reverse mortgages work so that they could make an informed decision about whether or not it would be right for their situation.

I was very surprised how popular "The reverse Mortgage Minute" became with people, even some who told me that they would never get a reverse still loved to receive my reverse mortgage newsletter.

I started publishing "The Reverse Mortgage Minute" newsletter in January of 2007 and published the newsletter almost every month until February of 2011 when I left Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Unfortunately, I changed computers a few times over the years and lost all of my reverse mortgage newsletters except what is below.

I just started re-publishing the "Reverse Mortgage Minute" newsletter in June of 2012 and plan to continue for the foreseeable future. I plan to continue to mail the newsletter out through the post office for those who want it, but if you would like to receive it by e-mail, please complete the form on the side of the page and I will be glad to make sure you receive it.

If you would like to receive the reverse mortgage newsletter through the post office, please send me an e-mail or call me and I will be sure to add you the snail mail newsletter list :)

For retirees looking to age in place or baby boomers whose retirement plan isn’t living up to expectations, a reverse mortgage can be the answer.

A reverse mortgage can help eliminate a variety of financial stressors, turning a precarious retirement into a precious time. A reverse mortgage can ensure that people age in place, eliminating the specter of searching for a downsized or downgraded residence. And, a reverse mortgage can be the catalyst to re-ignite enjoyment of those “golden years” viewed so enviously as a time to relax and reap well-earned rewards.

And, of course, there’s the peace of mind that can’t be measured by mere dollars. Betty C. of Lantana, FL sums up this important part of the equation: “Thank you for saving my life and my sanity! I can’t tell you how much I am in your debt! I can now sleep at night and have fewer worries. You were wonderful to work with, Bruce, and I know that there is a special place in heaven for you. Thanks again.” 

Bruce has built his business on the guiding principle that trust always must be a two-way street. To show that trust commitment, he foots the bills for the appraisal and credit report for his clients—generally a $450 value. It’s his way of making a reverse mortgage enjoyable (and affordable) before as well as after the loan is finalized.

Reverse Mortgage Newsletters from 2007

RMM June 2007 - What Happens at the End of the Loan?

RMM July 2007 - What's The Rate? Part I

RMM August 2007 - What's The Rate? Part II

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RMM Oct 2007 - Why Are Reverse Mortgages So Scary?

RMM Nov 2007 - Giving Thanks in Reverse

RMM Dec 2007 - Will A Reverse Mortgage Relieve More Stress Than it Causes?

Reverse Mortgage Newsletters From 2012

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RMM Aug 2012 - What If My Home Needs Work?

RMM Oct 2012 - Reverse Mortgage FAQ's

RMM Nov 2012 - What Happens at the End of the Loan?

RMM Dec 2012 - FHA Changes Coming

Reverse Mortgage Newsletters From 2008

RMM Jan 2008 - Proceed With Caution - Part I

RMM Feb 2008 - Proceed With Caution - Part II

RMM March 2008 - How to Pick a Reverse Mortgage Specialist

RMM April 2008 - Are You a Good Candidate for a Reverse Mortgage?

RMM May 2008 - Fixed Rate vs. Adjustable Rate

RMM June 2008 - Reverse Mortgage Impact on Medicaid & SSI

RMM July 2008 - AARP Report of Reverse Mortgage Shoppers

RMM Aug 2008 - FHA Modernization

RMM Sept 2008 - Five Misconceptions About Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage       Newsletters From 2013

RMM Jan 2013 - Changes Starting...Now

Again, I apologize that this list of reverse mortgage newsletters is so piece meal, but since I'm no technology expert, it is what it is.

However, as I write each reverse mortgage newsletter, I will add it to this site, so please check back monthly. Or better yet, sign up to receive the reverse mortgage newsletter and it will be delivered to your in-box as soon as I complete it!

For more information about how reverse mortgages work, please check out my reverse mortgage FAQ or reverse mortgage information pages.

As always, please feel free to contact me:

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